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I just had an amazing private lesson with Angie! She brings Yoga to life in a way that perfectly helps places that need work, while not making it feel like work!!!


I just want to thank you for our yoga session last night, it was perfect. The right amount of time, it got everyone aligned for good singing and it was something new and different at a zoom rehearsal.

Crystal Chords - HI Chorus

I am enjoying chair yoga and found the quad work was really helping my arthritic knees so love that!! This is my first chair yoga class I’ve taken and of course I’m sad that typical yoga is too much for my knees now but happy to do some kind of yoga.


Thanks sooo much for your introduction to yoga. I have learned a lot! Your instructions were easy to follow and clear. You made it enjoyable!


Thank you so much Angie for the great stretch!  Everyone greatly appreciated your lesson and learned some good techniques!

Niagara Frontier Chord Authority- HI Chorus

Thank you so, so much for joining us this evening and sharing your great presentation with us!!!
The chorus really enjoyed and appreciated this gift, and I hope other choruses take you up on your generous offer.
Thank you again

Sea-Belles of Harmony Inc

I enjoyed your class today. Some of the poses were the same as my physiotherapist gave me, which is not surprising.


You were AWESOME.  That was great and the guys loved it.  GREAT JOB.  Truly appreciated you doing it.  Looking forward to have you in again soon.

Hamilton Harbourtown Sound - BHS Chorus

Awesome session today - thank you.
Really enjoying the classes.

Like the combo of arms and legs today.  Great session!


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your physical warmups last night! It’s great to mix it up with a variety of exercises-especially while we’re having Zoom rehearsals!

The Overtones - HI Chorus

Once again enjoyed your physical warm-up last night.


That was great again tonight! You inspired us to try different ways of sitting to experience what it felt like, and sounded like, to sing with different alignments. You have such a good way about you when you present! Great session!

Barrie Soundwaves - SAI Chorus

it is a lot of fun and Angie does a great job.


Loved the Yoga.  That was excellent and I would like to do it 2X a week if you have classes!


Absolutely loving the Beginners Yoga practices on Friday mornings.
Angie takes us through all of the steps to get into the pose correctly and get the most out of each pose.
What a great way to start a Friday, thanks Angie!


you are killing those physical warmups — love how you take us through them!  Thanks for sharing your yoga talent with us!!!


Thanks for the great class.  I really learned a lot...It was nice being in your energy. Namaste


Thank you for the yoga class Saturday morning. It was fun and my body really appreciated it!


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