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As a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and small business owner, I love what I do and would like to share my journey with you. 
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About Believe In...

What do you Believe In...?

Believe In started as a business adventure to build on my own personal passions and as a way to stay home with my daughter back in 2010 when my daughter was just a year old.
Over the years Believe In has ebbed and flowed as my life changed. We have offered yoga, Reiki, clothing, body products, workshops, My Smart Hands baby sign language.
Over the last few years Believe In had been in a holding pattern so to speak as my life had taken a different path. With the COVID-19 Pandemic I took a “new” look at my life and decided there was no time to waste in getting back to the things I love and the things that bring me joy and drive. Starting the business back up I’m sure will be a challenge and there will be good days and bad days but knowing that I get the opportunity to connect with what really drives me and have the possibility of making others lives better is all I need to continue down this path.
I hope you will join me and watch what we have in store for you because it may just be as much a surprise to me as it is to you!
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Restorative Yoga

Monday 12:00pm

Restorative Yoga allows the body to slow down and relax. It is the practice of asanas, each held for longer than in conventional yoga classes.  Restorative Yoga is all about healing the mind and body through simple, supported poses.
You will need props such as bolster/pillow, blankets, strap/tie, blocks for this class.
No previous experience necessary.
$30/4 Week session (1 class/week)

Chair Yoga

Wednesday 12:00 pm

Chair yoga allows individuals to complete poses while using a chair for support and stability.  It is for anyone wanting to increase mobility, deepen flexibility, increase range of motion, and strengthen personal body awareness.
Suitable for all ages and abilities.
$30/4 week session (1 class/week)

Beginners Yoga

Thursday 9:30 am

Iyengar inspired poses for beginners.
Do you have very little experience with yoga or would like more in depth explanations of the poses?  This is the class for you.  A gentle yoga class with instructions to keep you safe in each pose.
$30/4 Week session (1 class/week)

Private Yoga

Book a private yoga class with us!  Sessions are held via Zoom and take place when YOU are available, so if you can't make a class this is a great option.

You can choose the type of yoga you would like as well, Chair, Beginners, Kids or Restorative.

Classes are 30-45 minutes and cost $30/4 sessions.

Yoga Warm-ups for Singers

Using yoga training, love of singing and what I have learnt from coaches over the last few year, I started to offer yoga warm ups to choruses.  Teaching alignment based yoga applies very well to singers.

Warm-ups are typically 15 minutes and can either be seated or standing, with a focus on alignment of the body for better singing and opening up the body for better breath.

FREE for 15 minute sessions.

Beginners Yoga at Harmony Ranch

Saturday 10:00 am 
Runs: July 3 - Sept 4
Location: the open field behind the parking lot

Not sure that yoga is for you?!  During these classes we will work on stability and mobility so no need for flexibility at all.   It is a gentle class with explanations of each pose to keep you safe and allow you to listen to your body and do what you can.
Due to COVID-19 regulations this class is only open to 10 people/class and you will need to be 3m (which is not a problem with a yoga class).  Because of these restrictions it is recommend to pre-registering for each class you can attend.  

Donations greatly appreciated and accepted but not necessary to attend class.

Usui Reiki Appointments

Reiki is both relaxing and healing. This treatment re-balances your own energy to help you feel revitalized promoting healing and practical wellness.
A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you and surrounds you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being.
$35 for 45 minute session

FREE Distance Reiki

Enjoy the benefits of Distance Reiki every other Thursday at 9:09 pm. These sessions will be focused on spreading love, health and wellness to the community and world around us and raising our vibration. RSVP to let me know you are interested.